The Practice Toolbox

Welcome to the start of a new series entitled the "Practice Toolbox." Every great carpenter has a toolbox stocked with tools that are necessary to get the job done. We as musicians need to have a toolbox filled with the necessary items to practice effectively and efficiently. In the posts to follow I will suggest some of the tools I use and how to effectively use them in a practice session.

To start, we need a place to put all of our tools. If you haven't already done so, pick a place that will become your practice space. This is where you'll keep all of your tools. Having a centralized practice space will help to minimize excuses and maximize productivity.

The space doesn't have to be large or fancy; it could simply be a corner in your bedroom. Try to pick a space that will have few distractions. When you step into your space you want to get into practice mode and the more distractions the harder it is to get into that practice mode.

Here are a few practice tools that are a must.

  • Your instrument (It seems obvious, I know!)

  • Music Stand--Setting your music on the floor is not ideal.

  • Chair--Practicing on the couch or your bed won't do.

  • Practice Materials--Lesson books, songs books, etc.

Stay tuned for more tools to add to your toolbox!


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